Slideuma21The idea

In the end of 2009 during one of their numerous friendly meetings in    Paris, both French and Tunisian athletics Federations Presidents, Mr. Bernard AMSALEM and Fathi HACHICHA, evoke for the first time the need to establish a structure allowing the Mediterranean Match, then to its 7th Edition and limited to 8 Mediterranean countries, to ensure better regularity and participation of a greater number or even all of the Mediterranean countries.

In the meantime, Tunisia gives its agreement to organise, for the second time, the 8th Mediterranean Match, scheduled on 8 August 2010. The both Presidents also agreed to prepare a global cooperation agreement between the two federations, which will be signed on January 16, 2010.
At the signing, the two Presidents announced their project to create the Mediterranean Athletics Union (MAU); the idea is favourably received.

Support of the International Committee of Mediterranean Games

An awareness campaign was conducted simultaneously with the national federations of the two shores of the Mediterranean basin, North and South. The 8th Mediterranean Match, held in Tunis in August 2010, expands and sees for the first time its participation increase to 10 nations, with the arrival of Malta and Libya. The organization is also enhanced by the presence of Mr. Amar ADDADI, President of International Committee of Mediterranean Games, which declares its full support to the creation project of MAU.

European adhesion

Over favourable contacts, particularly during the European Championships in Barcelona, French and Tunisian Presidents agree to conduct a joint formal presentation of the project to the concerned Mediterranean Federations representatives; it took place at the European Athletics Convention October 15, 2010 in Belgrade.
Not less than 18 delegates from the European Federations were present, as well as those of Algeria and Tunisia. The adhesion to the initiative was total. The meeting was crowned by the decision to hold a plenary meeting in March 2011 in Paris during the European Indoor Championships. Meanwhile a writing Committee was responsible for developing a draft constitution that will serve as a founding act of the Union.

Birth in two times

On March 5, 2011 meeting in Paris will be the decisive step: during the European Indoor Championships, a draft of the Constitution was subject by the writing committee to the assessment of the delegates. At the same time, participants agreed unanimously to convene the founding General Assembly of the Mediterranean Athletic Union at the 13th IAAF World Championships in Daegu (South Korea).
August 26, 2011 in Daegu, 22 national Federations of the Mediterranean basin were represented and officially proclaimed the constitution of the Mediterranean Athletics Union, with a plebiscite to Mr Bernard AMSALEM and Fathi HACHICHA as Co-presidents of the Union.