The creation of the Mediterranean Athletic Union was motivated by the need of national Federations of the Mediterranean basin to bring together the Athletics Family in a same structure.

In line with the spirit recommended by the Charter of International Committee of Mediterranean Games and like other sport, a body bringing together the actors of the first Olympic Sport across the Mediterranean appears to be an opportunity; conditions to succeed this sharing are met. The diversity of cultures and sports approaches appears to be a chance for the project, with exchange for the key to success: it will allow all Member countries to benefit from the experiences of others.

The main objective is thus to promote and develop athletics in the countries of the Mediterranean basin while contributing to the consolidation of solidarity among stakeholders in the region (athletes, trainers, executives…).
Through the Mediterranean Union, the role of Sport and Athletics will be thus fortified in the dissemination of the values of Friendship, Cooperation and Peace.


From there, UMA missions decline in different ways, in particular:

  • Objectivesencourage bilateral and multilateral cooperation between Mediterranean Federations in all domains (technical and sportive, administrative, medical, scientist…);
  • facilitate competitions organisation between Mediterranean member federations, especially for youth;
  • support extension of Athletics for all by encouraging its initiation from the earliest age as well as the adaptation of practices for sedentary or elderly people;
  • support and highlight the best athletes at the time of their preparation and performance during main international competitions;
  • Create the conditions for the development of « Athletics events » regardless its forms, including those for a wide public and road races, to arouse the general interest to our sport (population, public authorities, media, private companies…)

The creation of Mediterranean Athletic Union is based on an initial draft of activities which is evolutionary: it’s a basis of work to draw the path of MAU.

Exchange of Experiences as basis

This axis is the main component of the Union: in one side it’s the key to development and in the other side Exchange and Formation are the best gateways for knowledge and expertise transfer between member countries.