Internet & IT (2013)

The first MAU operation was a Seminar hold in Marseille in June 2013. The subject was “Internet and IT tools in athletics”. As other Sports, Athletics has to adapt to its environment and the new available tools for its development, in particular Information system and technology. With different themes, the seminar pointed the issues of this more and more dematerialized context adaptation.

In particular, discussions established an inventory of available resources, generally as well as for each federation depending of its specificities. A synthesis of ways was listed to put national objectives in line with existing, developing and future resources.


  • Support for Administrative and financial function (strategy, finance, budget, organisation…)
  • Support for intranet function (stakeholders, calendar, database, messaging…)
  • Support for competition (entries, competition management…)
  • Public internet (contents for events, information, promotion…)

Three main phases were organised:

  1. The existing situation discovery phase, interactive and directly involving participants, concluded with a comprehensive diagnosis for each Federation
  2. The prospective phase explored workable solutions to allow federations to make their information systems a main tool of supervision, management and influence.
  3. The realization phase established a result and considered actions, individual or collective, that will achieve the goals.

At the end of the seminar, each participant will receive a personalized summary document

Download the seminar guide here