At the occasion of 1st Mediterranean Indoor U23 Championships, a seminar will be origanise by MAU, with the support of International Athletics Foundation.


After “IT and internet” in 2013, “Feredations Leaders” in 2015, the subject of MAU 2019 seminar will beĀ U23 Athletes Management and Coaching.

Programme & contents

The seminar will be organise in 2 sessions, Friday 18 January afternoon and Saturday 19 January morning. The draft programme done in collaboration with the IAAF Development Department is the following:

  • Transition to High Performance Training = What are the challenges for U23 athletes to transfer to full-time high-performance training ((volume, intensity, coaching, performance gaps, competition access, invitations).
  • Support Systems for U23 athletes = Are there special needs for U23 athletes in the support systems (personal income, financial support, diagnostics, physio, medical, biomechanics, nutrition, psychology, agents).
  • Drop out situation for U23 athletes = Current statistics, reasons for drop out, what Membe Federations can do, what Clubs can do, what Governments can do, best practice examples.
  • How professional training and professional education can be managed in parallel (Dual Career) = What are the challenges for U23 athletes in managing these two processes, time management, physical and intellectual demands, athletes’ recognition by education institutions, eLearning, career counselling.

Participation & entry

Each Member Federation will be able to send one participant (full-board accommodation covered
by MAU). The additional participants will be at the cost of each Federation.

Entry process will be the same as Championships (special section for Seminar during the online entry process).